About Us

Refreshing, warm, loving – A cup of coffee is representative of the very spirit of Ethiopia. Keeping true to this spirit, our products are also just as welcoming. We strive to deliver perfection and nothing less.


HCD was founded by two young brothers and company executives – Ermias Eshetu and Ephrem Eshetu in 2018. We are pride ourselves in being true to our roots and to our coffee. Being from the Southern and Southwestern part of Ethiopia’s-Oromia region, where coffee is highly integrated with the lifestyles of our people.


We are a specialist in Ethiopian green coffee bean supply, directly serving importers, roasters and cafes throughout the world. Aiming to share our love of the Ethiopian Arabica green bean with you, our spirit of adventure and discovery enables us to source the best green coffee Ethiopia has to offer. We set up an incredible network with small household green coffee producers, local farmers, cooperatives and logistics partners who put their heart and soul into ensuring the perfect cup for you. Our technical knowhow and industry knowledge are heightened by our partnership with trade service officers, who help us bring you the best quality coffee to your doorsteps.


Our team understands the core points of quality, satisfaction, sustainability and value for time and money when it comes to coffee production.

Meet the Team:

Mr. Ermias Eshetu


Mr. Gemmeda Olani

Quality control Manager

Mr. Ephrem Eshetu

Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Director

Mrs. Sneha Murli

Corporate Advisor

Mr. Mohammed Haji-Mohammed Siraj

South and South West of Ethiopia

Mr. Tesfaye Belete

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Manager Director

Mrs. Mekdes Tesfaye

Finance Manager

Mr. Gizachew Dugo

South and South East of Ethiopia Production and Purchase Manager

Mr. Jember Derseh

Marketing and Sales Director

Mr. Dejene Tafa

Production site Quality control Manager





The following are brief statements on our Company Vision, Mission and Values.


To become a leading Quality coffee exporter in East Africa by the year 2030.



We are committed to provide Quality Coffee Product through reliable, transparent, sustainable, equitable way to surpass your expectation at a reasonable price and maximize value to coffee industry, supporting green buyers, importers and roasting companies that want to purchase green coffee beans.

Core Values

  • Friendly Customer Service
    •       We are committed to provide the highest quality service to our customers at competitive price
  • Delivering our very best in all we do.
  • Integrity
    •       We promote and stand guard to a set of high moral standards and ethical values
  • Team work and collaboration
    •      We foster team work and collaboration to achieve our goals.
  • Creating excellent and warmth business culture for everyone.
  • Non stopping aspiration for improvement.
  • Caring for our community
    •      We promote a sustainable and responsible business practices that are conscious of the community.

Behind the name

We have highly trained and skilled workforce striving towards customer satisfaction. Our management team comprises of a group of well qualified personnel with extensive experience in processing and exporting quality coffee. Moreover, we have hired highly passionate employees who manage different departments like quality control, packaging, warehousing and sales and marketing. Because of their hard work, we have been able to acquire the excellent position in this industry.

HCD PLC Business Direction: To Produce and supply Consistently High Quality green Arabica Coffee at Efficient Low Cost.

HCD PLC Quality Policy: Continuous Improvement and Innovation are Our Duties

HCD PLC CODE OF CONDUCT: Our Company has been based on the pillars of honesty as well as ethics

HCD PLC WORKING HOUR: To support customers, a service team is available 24*7 to solve their queries

HCD PLC CUSTOMER CONCERN: We emphasis on every aspects like accurate packaging and safe shipment